Al Azhar University keen on supporting Somalia to confront extremism

Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayyeb asserted Azhar’s keenness on supporting Somalia.

He was speaking during a meeting with Somali Education Minister Khadra Bashir to discuss fostering bilateral relations in the education field.

Tayyeb said Al-Azhar is keen on increasing the number of scholarships to Somali students to study at Al-Azhar as well as preparing a training program for Somali preachers that aims to confront extremism.

Bashir hailed Azhar’s role in spreading moderate Islam, adding that her country is in need of Al-Azhar to confront extremism.

Recently it was revealed that Al Azhar was working on a multi-layer plan to counter the threat of extremist ideologies.

Ahmad Al Tayeb said; “Al Azhar, which has for hundreds of years managed to preserve and promote Islam’s real values of tolerance, moderation and knowledge, will have again to step up to shoulder its responsibility in the face of extremist currents that distorts the image of Islam while falsely claiming to act up its traditions and in its interests”.

The multi-layer plan, which involves support from the UAE, involves a change in the 1000 year curriculum & exchange programs so the students of Al Azhar can visit the Western countries to engage in constructive dialogue with other religions and cultures.


Source: AllAfrica

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