Adam Kelwick delivers aid to Mosul after its ‘liberation’ from ISIS

Imam Adam Kelwick has travelled to Iraq with Human Relief Foundation to deliver relief.

He has travelled to the area of Mosul which was previously under the occupation of ISIS and has been left totally destroyed.



Imam Kelwick wrote that ‘Iraq is devastated’, he posted pictures and videos on his social media accounts of destroyed homes, empty streets and rubble, giving us all an insight into the devastating effects the presence of ISIS had on the area.

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His humanitarian activities have included food distributions, and helping to build an education and training centre. He has visited families like Eman’s, and retold their stories. Eman said

“Her husband was kidnapped at gunpoint and taken away by terrorists because he challenged their ideology and beliefs. He has been missing for months and since Mosul was ‘liberated’ he hasn’t yet returned.

Imam Kelwick added, “Eman doesn’t know if she’s a widow or not and the three daughters don’t know if they’re orphans either ?

When we asked her what we can do to help, after she told us about how she struggles to get food for her family and medicine for her ill daughter, she said: “Oh and we need a roof for our house.”


SubhanAllah. If you would like to follow Imam Adam Kelwick’s journey in Iraq you can find it on his social media





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