A-level results day 2018

Revising and sitting exams is never going to be an enjoyable experience, the pressure is on and students feel it. Tomorrow A-level students in the UK will find out how they did.

Guys, do not despair, remember, Allah told us that with hardship comes ease.

Your hard work will pay off one day. Keep that in mind, be hopeful. If you worked hard and put in the effort you should have nothing to worry about. Just make sure that, once you open the envelope, you know that you did what you could to get those results. And if you didn’t, there are resits, and further exams in life to work hard for. There will be a second chance to prove yourself.


Prayer will benefit you in many ways, not only does it give you some time out of worrying to focus yourself on the remembrance of God, but it also gives you special moments where you are closest to Allah, for example when you are in sujood. You can use these opportunities to ask Allah to make the period of waiting easy for you, and to thank him for the opportunities you have had so far, or just to remember him.

A special prayer I was repeatedly told by my mum around exams was, in Arabic Rabbi Zidni Ilma” meaning Oh Lord, increase my knowledge”

Rabbi- My Lord

Zidni- Increase

Ilma- Knowledge

This prayer is from Surah Ta-Ha.


“Trust Allah, but tie your camel first.” – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family)

This famous Hadith shows the Prophet teaching us that we should always have faith in Allah, he knows best and is the best disposer of affairs, perhaps you were not meant to do as well in Biology because your future was in fact in Philosophy. We do not know, but we must always put in the effort and this is where the tie the camel part comes in.

We must put our faith in Allah, knowing that he will guide us to whatever is best for us. This may not be in a conventional sense, perhaps it will be better for our health in the long run, our iman or even our family.

The second part of this hadith teaches us that although we must trust in Allah, we must also do our bit.

If you have ‘tied your camel’ but results day doesn’t go quite how you expected it there is always an alternative, so don’t worry!

Why not read a guide to help you through the steps in case you didn’t get the grades you need.


May Allah grant you all which you have prayed for!

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