5 Tips To Prepare You For Hajj

5 Tips to get you prepared for your Hajj trip

  1. Exercise – Practice long distance walking with your friends or family so you are best prepared for the journey of Hajj. It is a new experience and can take its toll on the body if your not used to that level of walking, so the more you prepare the easier it will be InShaaAllah.
  2. Read up on rituals – Read up on what is required from you on each step on your Hajj journey so you are performing the pilgrimage correctly.
  3. Good behaviour – In the weeks leading up to your departure, try and be on your best behaviour, make a conscious effort to not get angry, have increased level of patience and be in a positive frame of mind.
  4. Pay off your debts – Unless given permission to go to Hajj by the person(s) you may be indebted to, you cannot leave for Hajj.
  5. Perfect your Wudu & Salah – You should ensure your doing wudu and your salah correctly regardless, but before you go to Hajj go over your technique to ensure everything is done right.

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