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Suleman asked 3 months ago

Salam. My family has a strong background of extreme diabetes and other bad diseases. I was wondering if my dua can change the future of my life. I pray to god that these things don’t happen. I do have a medical condition and I pray that it slows down. Can a dua cure change Qadar

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asligujjar@gmail answered 3 months ago

Keep asking Shifa to Allah. 
And please keep it in your mind that prayers are always answered but there several ways of answering.
1) He gives the same thing you asked or something better because He knows best
2) He removes the calamity because of your Dua which could happen to you. 
3) He keeps your prayers and will reward you in hereafter in the shape of virtues and they will be eternally. 
Tirmizi, Hadees No.2139. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: Nothing turns back the Decree exapt supplication and nothing increases the life-span exapt righteousness.
Muhammad Shahid
Lahore Pakistan

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