tasneem asked 4 months ago

SALAM. I am 8 weeks expecting and this was a surprise, but we are happy. I am realy worried as I was taking multivitamin tablets and cod liver oil tablets till we found out and then I was 6-7 weeks expecting. which the doctor told me was very high in vitamin A this can be very harmful to baby cause defects. I am so very worried now, I am upset every day,  please can you give me any duas that I can recite so that baby is healthy. Thank you

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asligujjar@gmail answered 4 months ago

WS. Congratulations.   Keep consulting with your doctor and you can read then blow on your tummy Quran 23:12-14, 95:4.   Insha Allah everything will be fine.   Regards   Muhammad Shahid Lahore Pakistan

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