Is it just an imaginary friend?

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Boutros al-Sindhi asked 4 months ago

Salam, Imam. My question is about the behavior of my first son, he is 4. Since about two months ago, he appears to have a “friend”, or so he calls the thing anyhow – but it is something that only he sees, and he points in some direction as to show where this friend is, and reports on this friend doing many sorts of things. Now even though it was for example reported by him that his friend (named Sana, for what it’s worth) is reading a book, and we looked, there was nothing happening with any of the books around; yet he insisted that it was so.
One of our neighbors suggested that this might, in fact, be not an imagined friend, but a jinni. But then again, I have never taught him anything of the sort, and we do not have enemies such that they would put such a curse on him – although, truth be told, I am not sure if this is a harmful thing; but he told of being tickled or his ear being pulled by this Sana. And sure enough, sometimes he bursts out laughing, and when asked, he tells he was tickled by it. On the other hand, my son doesn’t seem to mind hearing the adhan, which I thought would drive a jinni away – but then I do not know if every one of them would react the same way. A friend of our family is working as a doctor, he was requested to come over about this, he had a little chat with my son (who is a very friendly fellow with everybody), and after that chat, told me that at least from a medical point of view, there is nothing wrong with my son, he isn’t having any mental illness that he knows of. I certainly don’t imagine that my son would come up with such an intricate story just to tease us – but then, that leaves the opportunity of it being a jinni. It does not seem to do no harm, but when asked about how it looks like, weirdly my son refuses to tell anything about that, except that it is a girl who is older that him. We do not have a babysitter, and in the school, they are in their respective age groups, he would not mingle with someone much older.

So assuming it is a jinni, what is it that you could suggest? Or how can we tell whether or not it is one?

Thank you

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asligujjar@gmail answered 4 months ago

According to my understanding it could be Jinni but don’t worry. Sometimes such kind of things appear upon someone when they got upset because of somebody’s action happened unconsciously and then the person becomes dangerous and harmful. 
Sometimes a Jinni becomes wooer so in this case the person doesn’t become harmful.
Sometimes such kind of things can be in the place where you live and only one person can see.
So consult with an Aamil. He should be trust worthy. Try to find out only trust worthy Aamil. I know an Aamil but he is in Pakistan and I don’t know where are you from.
~Allah knows better~
Muhammad Shahid
Lahore Pakistan 

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