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Robin asked 3 months ago

My wife passed away leaving behind a son and me. I know i get 1/4 of her inheritance. Does my wife parents each get 1/6 each before remaining goes to my son- Per surah al Nisa. The parents were not dependant on my wife but do they still get their share of
1/6. Or does the 1/6 rule only apply to parents if their son dies. So in my case, my wife’ s parents get nothing. Section 2, verse 11 refers to ” his” parents.

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asligujjar@gmail answered 3 months ago

Inna lillahi……. May her soul rest in peace.
Yes her parents, each of them gets 1/6, you get 1/4 & remaining goes to her son.
~Allah knows better~
Muhammad Shahid
Lahore Pakistan 

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